Due to the increasing popularity of Seed Swaps and the vital part they play in
preserving our plant heritage, we had our first Seed Swap Table at the 2008
Potato Day.  It was a great success, and we have continued it in subsequent years
with the hope of an even greater range of seeds available.


How it works

Bring packets of saved seed, your own or bought, and swap them for other packets
on the seed swap table, ie 2 packets in, 2 packets out.

If you have no seeds to bring, you can still join in by making a donation (per packet)
for any seeds on the seed swap table.


The Seed 


Put your saved seed into a small envelope, clearly marked with variety and date of harvest.  Put reasonable amounts of seed in the packet, ie 10 runner beans, 50 lettuce.

Larger quantities can be brought in a glass jar (or similar) and distributed as required.


Points to remember
  • Do not save F1 seed
  • Onion, leek, corn and parnsip seed are short-lived
  • Beware that runner beans and pumpkins are prone to cross-pollination
  • Store seed in a cool dry conditions