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Autumn is when we order potatoes for the following February's Potato Day for East Anglia. We think you will want to look ahead so we are letting you know what is ordered.

We are not ready to be definite about prices but we hope they will be around 16p a tuber. We do not know of others keeping that low. We hope to keep the number of more expensive varieties very low. 

Otherwise expect the day to be business as usual. High time we had a fine day and no frost!

Keep an eye on this website for news of potato growing and plans for February 13th 2016. Good luck with your gardening.

List title

The East Anglia Potato Day
is an annual event that has
been running since 1996.

It is organised and run
entirely by volunteers from
three organic gardening groups:

Norfolk Organic Group
Suffolk Organic Gardeners
Ipswich Organic Gardeners Group.

We try to make available up to
100 varieties of seed potatoes,
which are sold as individual
tubers, so that you can buy as
many or as few as you require.

We also aim to offer as many
organic varieties as possible,
usually about 25%.