Here is hoping you are now, or have already, lifted some good potato crops. Despite conditions for blight being just right, it has taken a long time to get to some of our gardens.

August 2017 saw over 80 potato varieties ordered for February 2018. Saturday February 10th 2018 should go into your next year diary for Potato Day. If you have not been to Potato Day recently, rest assured that the venue is infinitely more comfortable now. It is a bigger event too. 

A forecast of next February's selection is on the relevant webpage here now. It is only a forecast because although supply is more reliable, crop failures can still happen.

Amateur Potato Breeders is now a reality. Do have a look at the page on the group. In brief we are hoping to bring more varieties out that will combine Sarpo disease resistance with other positive qualities.

We like to hear from you, do get in contact if you have something to contribute.

List title

The East Anglia Potato Day
is an annual event that has
been running since 1996.

It is organised and run
entirely by volunteers from
three organic gardening groups:

Norfolk Organic Group
Suffolk Organic Gardeners
Ipswich Organic Gardeners Group.

We offer up to 100 varieties of seed potatoes, which are sold as individual tubers, so that you can buy as many or as few as you require.

We also aim to offer as many
organic varieties as possible,
usually about 25%.