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East Anglia Potato Day for 2015 is approaching. It will be February 14th 2015, opening to you at 9.30am. Interestingly this will be the event's 20th birthday. Once again the venue is Stonham Barns, the mid-Suffolk show ground. And we have been ordering the potato tubers for the event. 

We show each year's potato order on a page of this website. Already we have asked for 100 varieties, almost exactly. It is rare, unfortunately, for 100% of them to get delivered but we will update the list for 2015 when our suppliers tell us that a variety will not be available after all. 

The event does not change fast. It is run by enthusiasts from 3 organic groups who bring you as much choice as we can. We source as many organically grown potato seed varieties as possible. All seed is UK-grown to slow the invasion of brown rot from mainland Europe. Other stalls at the Potato Day continue to offer goods of interest to gardeners.

The event is also affordable. Our prices per tuber remain one of the lowest of such events. In 1996 it was 10p per tuber. The potatoes are now 3  or 4 times more expensive to bring to the event, but we have kept the cost per tuber well below 20p. A few will cost more, but those are really expensive to bring to you. 

Come back to this website nearer to February to see what else is going to be happening.

List title

The East Anglia Potato Day
is an annual event that has
been running since 1996.

It is organised and run
entirely by volunteers from
three organic gardening groups:

Norfolk Organic Group
Suffolk Organic Gardeners
Ipswich Organic Gardeners Group.

We try to make available up to
100 varieties of seed potatoes,
which are sold as individual
tubers, so that you can buy as
many or as few as you require.

We also aim to offer as many
organic varieties as possible,
usually about 25%.