Our 21st Potato Day took place February 13th 2016.  A big thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible, and an equally big thank you to all the visitors who made the event a success.

Potato Day remains at its core an opportunity to get, at a low price, Certified Scotch Seed of a wide selection of potato varieties. We continue to try to get as many organically produced varieties as we can. We are aware that growers have needs beyond potatoes and that our event is more attractive if we can satisfy some of those needs. 

This year we introduced insect-proofing mesh and root trainers at an affordable price. We consolidated the sale of onion sets started last year.

If you can suggest other things we might supply, get in contact with us.

Some of you will have missed Potato Day this year. Sorry, maybe you will make next year? If next year's diary is to hand, put in February 11th 2017. For the time being, have a successful 2016 growing season.

List title

The East Anglia Potato Day
is an annual event that has
been running since 1996.

It is organised and run
entirely by volunteers from
three organic gardening groups:

Norfolk Organic Group
Suffolk Organic Gardeners
Ipswich Organic Gardeners Group.

We try to make available up to
100 varieties of seed potatoes,
which are sold as individual
tubers, so that you can buy as
many or as few as you require.

We also aim to offer as many
organic varieties as possible,
usually about 25%.